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Halal Bar: Arabic hashtag ‘Disco in Jeddah

Halal Bar: Arabic hashtag ‘Disco in Jeddah

Watch the first disco in Jeddah The night club in Jeddah’ has Saudi’s sparring on

But in the most recent and most unpardonable, now the nightclub for dance, instrument, and singing has opened in Jeddah.

Comparisons between Saudi cities had to be made

It’s after Dubai and Beirut that the chain is opening a new branch on the waterfront in Jeddah.

However,  alcohol will not be allowed in the property.

The club will be open between 10pm and 3am and will prevent those under the age of 18 from entering it.

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has made many civil and social liberties for Saudi Arabia’s men and women in an unprecedented effort.

Saudi Arabia is pretty serious about attracting thousands of tourists to the city of Jeddah this summer.

Opening of the first Nightclub in Saudi Arabia

From the concert, of Mariah Carey, a famous American singer wearing with naked dresses to driving women and contributing to women in high-ranking government positions can be seen as crown princes of Saudi Arabia.

White Night’s Night Club has now opened its new branch against the beach in Jeddah, a disco that runs for dancing from 10 pm to 3 am for its customers.

It will also be prohibited for under-18s to enter this disco.

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